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Meta keywords optimization

Meta Tags Optimization Tips

Your word count should be up to 12 words with approximately 20-50% of the words being your top keywords.

Your word count should be up to 30 words.

Your should have up to 15 words. Most engines do not read the keywords tag. Long keyword tags reduces your primary keywords relevancy for that page in the engines that read the keywords tag.

Your showld have a 300 to 600 words long text containing 10% of your primary keywords.

Headings (H1, H2, etc.)
Your headings play a significant part in some search engines, but they are not always necessary and can bring poor esthetic to your page.

Link Text
Your link text should be about 15 words with 45% being your primary keywords. The best thing to do here is use text links.

Alt Text
Your word count should about 15 words.

Robots (<meta name="Robots..."):
The robots tag is a set of instructions for the search engines. This is an important tag in the event you have pages that you do not want indexed.

Copyright (<meta name="Copyright..."):
The copyright meta tag is hidden. They are not viewable in the search engine results

Rating (<meta name="Rating..."):
The ratings meta tag will tell the search engines more about your website.

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